Dodgeball, an Ugly Christmas Sweater, and a Whole Lot of Liberty

If you’re like me, you keep things funky fresh – with a dose of Liberty. Recently with YAL’s Your Life. Your Right., our club has taken a huge liking to getting loud and out that we want the right to defend ourselves on campus. Honestly, we’re tired of being on such a leftist, crybaby campus, we’ve been looking for the best way to start poking holes into the safe-space dreamland that has infested Marshall’s campus.

Honestly, I make it sound a lot worse than it is – but for the most part it can be kind of true. And even more so I’ve become kind of sick of it, as I’m sure the rest of our club has been. We’ve only been around for a semester and have a small squad of only six members, but we’ve been proud to take a stance on issues seen so negatively on this campus. What’s funny about Marshall is we are in the heart of conservative, gun-toting West Virginia, and we are a “proud gun free zone”.

What’s even more is that our student government has been overrun by leftist Young Democrats, eager to put their mits on anything that someone might enjoy and totally bring it to ruin. They also tend to think of us as some rodent, bumbling around in no particular order or fashion. We decided to take up our arms and start the process of slamming Liberty and firearm carry rights into their faces, starting with our very first protest against Marshall’s anti-gun policy.

I chose to wear my very favorite ugly Christmas sweater during the protest as we taught our fellow students the value and importance of self-defense and their natural right to it. With around 150 signatures, we plan on using this as a springboard into the Spring semester and getting other organizations involved by forming a coalition and getting endorsements from surrounding Marshall and community organizations. The right to self-defense will be heard and will be understood on our campus. We will take to the Student Government meetings, get loud and get as much media attention and support as we can gain. All we need are some more dodgeballs, another ugly Christmas sweater or two, and a whole extra portion of some dank Liberty.

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