Does Rising Violence in Pakistan mean more U.S. Involvement?

I posted only half a day ago that the United States appeared to be getting ready to ramp up its potential presence in Pakistan, as Hillary Clinton expressed concern over Pakistani sovereignty.  Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has affirmed the assertion today while making a visit to the neighboring country of Afghanistan.  Will 30,000 additional US troops ordered just days ago to the area be spread out and into Pakistan in the near future?

A bomb exploded near an intelligence office in central Pakistan on Tuesday, authorities said, damaging the building and killing at least 12 people amid a surge of extremist violence that has prompted the U.S. to offer additional aid in the country’s battle against the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

The attack came as U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Washington was ready to work more closely with Pakistan as soon as Islamabad expressed willingness.

“The more they get attacked internally .. the more open they may be” to help from the United States,” Gates said during a trip to Afghanistan. “But we are prepared to expand that relationship at any pace they are prepared to accept.”

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