#DoItLiveVA – Virginia State Convention

Bright and early on April 18, a large group of collegiate activists gathered at Virginia Tech University to learn how to promote liberty on college campuses.

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We kicked it off at 9:00 AM with Steve Sutton from the Leadership Institute, who gave us an interesting look at the thought process behind campaigns, and how we can use those skills to work for us while recruiting on campus.

SC Pylons

He was so charismatic that it was hard not to pay attention! He said that we need to know what they call us, and what they think of us, to actively combat those negative and false views. On the flip side, we learned how to portray ourselves in a more positive manner, and that our strengths may not always be surface deep.

After a banging lunch of Chik-fil-A, we had our awesome Regional Director, Cliff, teach us all about the best ways to tackle tabling and recruiting on campus. We have to remember that our table is not the main focus- we are! All of the attendees have so much to offer their campuses, and they definitely gained some great tools to take back with them.

We got to see the attendees’ skills in action in a role-playing game. One student had to pretend to be tabling, and the other was given different ways to react. Despite the curve-balls that we were thrown, we all learned the best and most diplomatic ways to get people interested in liberty. I can hear statists everywhere trembling with fear. Just kidding, (kind of.)

But the day was far from over. We were joined by Jim Lark, an economics professor from UVA (but more importantly, a Virginia Tech alumnus), Larry Reed from FEE, and David Boaz of the Cato Institute. Not only were they generous enough to dedicate their beautiful Saturday to speaking to us, but they joined us at the social afterwards and really got to talk and connect to the activists. We really appreciated getting to talk to them one-on-one!


But like all good things, the Virginia State Convention had to come to an end. The Virginia Tech chapter was honored by the privilege of hosting the amazing speakers, sponsors, and activists who gladly gave up their Saturday to learn about liberty. We are so inspired by the passion that we saw, and so hopeful for the future of liberty. Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible!

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