Dominating the Series of Tubes

As proud members of the r3volution, we’re often asked how Ron Paul was able to accrue such a large presence on the internet. What grand marketing scheme did the 72 year old good doctor employ to dominate this new medium? The most apt replies are often a) the message rocks and b) those wired to most easily understand liberty are also wired to understand computers and the internet.

This later explanation became even more salient to me while reading this 1992 article this morning (thanks Reddit for helping me find it). Computer “geeks” have an unusual proclivity for using logic in such a way fashioned for libertarianism. We can focus on the underlying causes in a problem, and not just treatments for the symptoms. – because if you don’t fix the root issue, the code ultimately will not work.

And yet, the same success with the new medium was said to have been had by the Obama campaign. Obviously statists shouldn’t posses this same mind wiring. What they do possess however is an ability to make things hip and make them youthful.

This is what YAL aims to fuse. Social networking through computers has become more and more prevalent through the youth, and therefore it’s even more important that this “libertarian IQ” be utilized and directed towards this new generation. It cannot be lost to the statists.

YAL’s new website will aim to bring together the most popular social networks such as Facebook and MySpace with the news aggregation techniques of Digg and Reddit. The focus must not only be on the internet though – as YAL will also work to turn these virtual cadres into campus action forces.

This can only be done however with your support and most importantly your enthusiasm.

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