Don’t Be an Uneducated Silver and Gold Buyer

I know being a student or recent grad doesn’t allow for much investing, but as of late many opportunities have come up to get your physical silver and gold purchases started. I won’t go into detail about my own personal investment practices, however I went into most of my investments trusting the person on the other end of the deal. Luckily, I wasn’t dooped into spending far too much on far too little, but I know people who have had bad experiences with metal dealers.

I want to encourage all of you to start reading into your options when it comes to buying precious metals as a hedge against inflation, a temporary investment, or something you want to use for bartering. I recently read a great report, by Peter Schiff, that helped me understand and identify popular scams that are out there. Since precious metals are becoming more of a mainstream haven for investments, you have to watch out for the frauds.

So spread the news to friends and family who are interested in getting started or who maybe had a bad experience the first time around. There are honest places and investing in precious metals seems to be a great decision, thus far. Join the Gold Scams Facebook Page for more details on stories, fraudulent companies listed by name, and just go and post a question to be answered!

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