Don’t Molest Me Bro

NB:  Attached is an audio clip of a radio interview about this event.

The Young Americans for Liberty at St. Cloud State held our TSA: Government Gone Wild event.  It was a fun day of announcing to our student body: “Don’t let Uncle Sam molest you!,” “The TSA wants to touch your junk!,” “Government sponsored sexual assault is still sexual assault!,” among other things.

Getting Frisky  Keep in mind, while yelling these things we had a playlist of some Barry White, Marvine Gaye, and of course, a little R Kelly to set the mood. As you can see I chose a metophoric tactic. You get it right?

I’ve been doing events for YAL for about 3 and half years now and it was arguably one of the funnest yet. It was quite successful as well. We got about 55 signees (photo of sign-up sheets attached), engaged more students than that, and even got a couple professors to stop and discuss the issue. The beads helped convince a few folks to stop and sign when they otherwise wouldn’t have. Finally, I was able to do a radio interview with the school’s radio. The guy interviewing me couldn’t help but laugh when he asked me why we’re out here, to which I retorted, among other things, to teach students that the TSA wants to grab at your goodies. Continue on to see more pictures from the event.

Let me feel it1

Let me feel it2

Let me feel it3

TSA sign ups

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