Don’t Tread on My Soft Drink!

Have you ever thought about why the soft drink industry, even health drinks like Naked Juice or Odwalla, are usually limited to Coca Cola or Pepsi Co.? How about that pesky CRV fee when you buy a soda? Or better yet, soft drinks usually sweetened with corn syrup?

Take a look on why government actually ruins the everyday product we enjoy. John Nese, propreitor of Galcos Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles, explains just how big government ruins soft drinks.

*Plus, Mr. Nese also tells you when to buy Coca Cola sweetened with cane sugar!*

Watch the entire video here:

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, then scroll down to see a few of my favorite quotes:

On Small Businesses and Big Gov’t

“Big Business loves big government – they just take the marketplace up, eliminate all the little guys, they run them out of business, and then they jack the prices up and control the market.”

On CRV Laws – Cheating Consumers & the Environment

“If we’re really caring about the environment, we would have reusing, not recycling.”

On Gov’t Corn Subsudies

“Everything prepared in this country has corn syrup in it, and it’s totally unnecessary. The largest single crop in the world is cane sugar. It’s larger than corn and wheat put together!” 

Some good food for thought!

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