Double Feature @ El Camino College

Young Americans for Liberty at El Camino College (YAL @ ECC) held two straight weeks of tabling in the month of September for both the Fall Recruitment Drive and Constitution Week!


For the Fall Recruitment Drive we joined the rest of our campus for Club Rush. Club Rush is week-long recruitment event for all the clubs on campus. YAL @ ECC stood out from the rest of the clubs and had many students gathered around our table. Many took the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and some were attracted by out toy eagle. At the end of the week we held our first official meeting of the semester and the meeting room was full of many new recruits.


For Constitution Week, we decided to highlight the 4th Amendment and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. His disclosures have proven the public’s long held suspicions that the US Government has been collecting data on US Citizens and lying to Congress about their data collection.

YAL @ ECC wanted to create a discussion on campus about NSA spying and the overall rights protected by the 4th Amendment of U.S. Constitution. We decided to incorporate the 4th Amendment into a Free Speech Wall by displaying Edward Snowden’s photo and asking the question: Is he a hero or a traitor?

Students were then allowed to express their opinion about Edward Snowden on the wall. Our main goal was to raise awareness about who Edward Snowden is and how his disclosures have benefited public knowledge. We achieved our goal by encouraging students to attend our meeting and engage the domestic spying discussion. We hope to inspire our peers to become politically informed and active. Overall response to the Free Speech Wall was great. We discovered many Edward Snowden supports on campus and very few who considered him a traitor.

On the last day of Constitution Week, we continued our discussion at our weekly meeting and watched videos about Edward Snowden and NSA spying to inform those who wished to learn more. Our meeting room was full and there were many new faces too. Watch the video at the top of this post to find out how we did! 

Free Speech Wall Snowden Flyer
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