Doug Wead on Rand Paul

Those of you who have been hanging around the libertarian reaches of the internets since the days of the Ron Paul campaign will probably recall Doug Wead, a presidential historian, NYT bestselling author, and…Ron Paul supporter.  He has written favorably of the congressman again and again, providing important perspective on the campaign and Ron Paul’s broader significance in politics.

Now he writes about the other Dr. Paul.  Rand Paul, Wead argues, must have the establishment running scared, hurrying to closed-door meetings in elite areas of New England.

Just when the national media and the elitist doorkeepers of the G.O.P. thought they had the wiry, incorruptible, troublemaking congressman Ron Paul of Texas locked tightly in their dungeon, never to see the light of day, excluded by their establishment magazines and television networks, well almost, and counting the hours until the old man kicks the bucket and lets them fight wars and spend money in peace, lo and behold, the congressman has a son….

And Rand Paul, the son, has captured the angst of the electorate.  He is right on the issues, right on the solutions, and he has even more of something that Ron Paul, the father, doesn’t have.  Time.  At least one hopes so.

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