Dr. Brian Ogstad visits Capital U

This Wednesday, September 14, Capital University’s YAL chapter was fortunate enough to host author and economist Dr. Brian Ogstad. Kicking off our fall lecture series, Dr. Ogstad addressed us on the roots of classical liberalism.

The lecture started out with an overview of ancient influences ranging from Chinese Taoism to the foundations of Judeo-Christian values. Continuing on the influences of Greco-Roman governance theories before jumping to the rebirth of the ideas in North/Western Europe around 1700 was stressed.  We were told of prominent early thinkers including John Locke, John “freeborn” Wilbur, Adam Smith, and others.

In closing, the importance of the main tenants of liberalism: free markets, self-ownership, tolerance, rule of law, limited government, and property rights were impressed upon the audience.

After he concluded his remarks, Dr. Ogstad was kind enough to give away copies of his newest book “Man, State, and Liberty” and fielded questions about the piece. He also shared advice on how to get out of traffic tickets.

The lecture was a fantastic way to kick off the semester and a great introduction to our core beliefs to new members in the audience. 

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