Dr. Christopher Peters Speaks at University of Iowa YAL Meeting

At our chapter meeting on October 26th, we were lucky enough to host a wonderful guest speaker. Dr. Christopher Peters, who is running for a Congressional seat in 2018 against incumbent Dave Loebsack, came to our meeting to briefly discuss his vision for improving healthcare in the U.S. and also to field questions from the audience.

I was very proud of our turnout for the meeting, because we had twice our normal attendance for meetings! This was a wonderful opportunity to bring liberty-minded people together and get to know our local politicians better. Our audience was very engaged, asking Peters about topics ranging from healthcare to student debt.

After the meeting we had an informal dinner with Peters where some YAL members were able to sit down and talk politics with Peters in an even more relaxed environment. He is very personable and was always gracious but honest in answering questions, both during the meeting and after. Overall, the event was quite a success and I hope many of the new faces will feel compelled to join our chapter again in future activism events.

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