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Tonight at 8:00pm (Eastern) I will have the distinct pleasure of being a LIVE television guest on Dr. Dan Eichenbaum’s Freedom Forum, which is aired LIVE across much of western North Carolina, and streamed across the interwebs. 

Please tune into the streamed show tonight at 8:00pm by clicking here

For a bit of background, Dr. Dan Eichenbaum recently ran one heck of a campaign for Congress in NC. Fighting against an establishment primary opponent, Dr. Dan nearly caused a run-off election in a race he was told he had no chance.

He was less than 100 votes away from that election! 

But that hasn’t stopped him from fighting the good fight. Dr. Dan was able to secure a great tv spot to continue to spread the message, while building a new, enthusiastic base of support. 

While there may be a boatload of liberty activists out there who have a small market niche in internet radio, there’s very, very few who have their own LIVE television broadcast. See what it’s all about, and maybe you can start one in your area too. 

Check out my studio appearance on Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum LIVE at 8:00pm by clicking here

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