Dr. Greg Brannon at Duke

Duke University’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter recently had the honor of hosting Dr. Greg Brannon. Dr. Brannon, a self-described classical liberal, is a former candidate for the United States Senate from North Carolina, and the host of the Brannon Broadcast radio show. During his Senate campaigns, he received endorsements from people as far apart Ron Paul and Ann Coulter.

After I briefly introduced him to our small, but captivated audience, Dr. Brannon spoke about liberty and the importance of constitutionalism in our current political climate. But, the primary focus of the event was a long question and answer session, sparking a great deal of debate between students and Dr. Brannon. Despite only speaking to a crowd of 11, the Q and A lasted for almost an hour. Brannon’s commitment to non-aggression in foreign policy was a hot topic that conservative students engaged in fierce battle with Dr. Brannon over, with both Brannon and the students going so far as to argue over Biblical scriptures and their meanings. Fortunately, the audience was very well prepared and engaged, so much so that the conversation continued as we walked Dr. Brannon back to his car.

Overall, the students who showed up got, not only a break from studying for finals, but whole new perspectives on issues ranging as far as public works to the necessity of American involvement in the Second World War. We look forward to hosting Dr. Brannon again in the near future on our campus, and hopefully reaching a larger audience of people across the political spectrum. The entire event can be found at: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtTuicPYYvA

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