Dr. Murray Bessette from Victims of Communism at University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

Last Tuesday, UW – Green Bay’s YAL chapter had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Murray Bessette, the Director of Academic Programs at Victims of Communism. UW – Green Bay has some vocal student supporters of socialism and communism, so Dr. Bessette’s prepared lecture on “The Enduring Appeal of the Communist Ideal” was much appreciated. He revealed that an alarming percentage of millennials entertain the ideas of socialism and that many believe Adolf Hitler was responsible for more deaths than Joseph Stalin (spoiler, he wasn’t). Dr. Bessette also discussed the state of nature and how capitalism allows us to thrive, and not just survive.

If you want to educate those on your campus about how terrible communism truly is, Victims of Communism can send Dr. Bessette or another qualified speaker to your university! Their College Programs Manager is Ashlee Moody: ashlee.moody@victimsofcommunism.org

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