Dr. Paul Brings Hope and Unity to NJ YAL CON

Last weekend, a large group of students from the DMV and Washington Metro area traveled together to attend a YAL convention in New Jersey. When we arrived at Rutgers for the convention, we were given breakfast and started in on training programs for succeeding in tabling, clipboarding, and starting and maintaining a YAL chapter on campus. We participated in exercises that both encouraged us to meet members from other YAL chapters and instructed us on how to persuade students at our schools to give YAL a chance. 
GW Students at YAL CON
Will Creeley from FIRE spoke about free speech on campus and his speech warned of a culture of fear of microaggressions, dominated by sensitivity. Next, David Boaz from the Cato Institute spoke about why libertarians should stay positive in the face of a disappointing presidential election. Will Creeley never ceases to inspire YALers because the topic of free speech on campus is so accessible for college students, but David Boaz truly inspired the audience with his forward-looking message. Despite the popularity of all the speakers, one speaker was clearly the highlight of the day. 

DC Students At YAL CON Students At YAL CON
That speaker was none other than Ron Paul. He is the hero of millennial libertarians and the main reason that most of us are involved with YAL. For many, to see him speak is a life-long dream and to shake his hand is to cross off an item on their bucket list. Dr. Paul helped over two hundred kids check an item off their bucket list that day when he spoke at the convention and took pictures with everyone who wished to meet him. Ron’s continued support of the liberty movement and confidence in the ability of the libertarian youth to fix our broken political system inspired us all.
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