Dr. Paul educates the audience and panel of Larry King Live

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These tv appearances are good for Dr. Paul personally and humanity generally. Yes, the “creep factor” (in this case, to include the warmongering chick in the bottom right corner) is always present in the MSM, but some of them are fundamentally decent people caught in an establishment machine designed to suppress critical thought.

The lady to the left of Dr. Paul (Ms. Tanya Acker), for example, seems naturally receptive to his pro-peace insights. But she clearly hasn’t been exposed to “anti-murder” ideology before. Should these high-profile interviews continue, I’m willing to bet that the good doctor manages to teach and  persuade a few of these non-creep media types.

BTW — Beinart is shockingly good in this interview, though his pro-war past and “journalistic” affiliations make me skeptical.

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