Dr. Ron Paul speaks at Indiana University-Bloomington on Monday, October 25…and he can speak at your school too!

You are invited to attend Ron Paul’s exciting presentation of the “Case for Liberty” in Indiana this October.  Please bring your family and friends to join YAL at this inspiring event organized by one of YAL’s most dedicated chapters.

Here are the details:

If you’d like to bring Ron Paul to speak on your campus, IU-Bloomington YAL has set a great example for your chapter!

Following YAL’s guide to hosting Ron Paul, IU YAL members collected more than 1,000 signatures over the course of two months of petitioning.  They sent out a simple but effective press release, and the story made it into the local newspaper and to the FRONT PAGE of the campus paper.  In fact, the student newspaper even secured an interview with Ron Paul himself:

Paul said he has never been to Bloomington but is excited by the passion of the students who requested his visit.

“Young people are starting to realize what they are inheriting is a mess,” Paul said. “I’ve been very pleased that so many college kids are interested. There is a lot more interest today because of the financial crisis.” ….

“It’s important for students to get interested and deal with problems,” Paul said. “I encourage education. It’s an educational problem. I emphasize the understanding of economic policy, the Constitution, the role of government.”

You can read the full story here.  Congratulations to YAL at IU-Bloomington for this excellent media attention!

Learn how to bring Ron Paul to YOUR campus!

If you too follow the instructions in this guide, produce a creative and thorough application, and collect petition signatures on your campus; you will have a real opportunity to bring Dr. Paul to your school.  He loves the enthusiasm of young people and enjoys speaking on college campuses more than anywhere else — but it’s up to you to convince him to visit yours.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or the Regional Director or State Chair for your area if you have any questions about this process.  We’re here to help you have a productive fall semester…and maybe schedule a Ron Paul’s next campus visit at your school!

For liberty,

Jeff Frazee
Executive Director, YAL

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