Dr. Will Ruger Speaks at American University

This past Thursday, the American University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Will Ruger – Vice President of Research and Policy at the Charles Koch Institute – for a discussion on current American foreign policy. The event was a great success, and the chapter was excited to see such a large turnout.

AU YAL members listen to a discussion on US foreign Policy

Dr. Ruger briefly illustrated three chronological periods in US history with very different perspectives of foreign policy. He contended that in the current post-Cold War era, the US has emerged as the world’s hegemon, which has prompted many on both sides of the political spectrum to support an interventionist foreign policy. Borrowing from history Dr. Ruger dissected the current argument for US primacy, and instead offered a more neutral approach that would benefit more Americans.

Ruger Addresses AU YAL

After Dr. Ruger had finished, he took several questions from the audience. Attendees were curious about the rise of groups like ISIS, the success of US-led democracy building in places like Japan, and the relevance of organizations like NATO.

We were very please with the great event, and would like to thank Dr. Ruger for an excellent discussion!

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