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I have recently been promoted to the position of President of the Drexel YAL Chapter. Our chapter is just getting started, and we are working to boost membership. We have been emphasizing word-of-mouth tactics for recruitment in order to gain enough manpower to be able to orchestrate effective activism events around our campus. Our VP and I have identified several student leaders who are not only willing to join us, but are looking to play a part in the long term growth of our chapter.

Now that we are beginning to grow as a chapter, we plan on holding a YALoween civil liberties funeral event later this month. We have not yet received approval from administrators at Drexel to organize and execute this event on campus, and while there are some concerns for pushback from the administration regarding our upcoming civil liberties funeral, we know that the First Amendment will protect our right to speak and express ourselves freely. 

Onward and upward for liberty!

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