Drone display draws attention at school known for training drone pilots

Kansas State University is the second college in the country to boast a fully-fledged training program for aspiring drone pilots. In the wake of President Obama’s unprecedented drone rampage across Pakistan and Yemen, however, many in the program are hesitant about how our elected officials might apply their training.

Increasingly, participants who had hoped to genuinely defend the United States, or perform search and rescue operations, wonder if their skills will instead be squandered on frivolous global police actions. At its recent Generation of War event, members of KSU’s YAL chapter sought to affirm this skepticism. 

As students at KSU walked to class, a large model drone hovered ominously above the school’s crowded Bosco Plaza. The event was well-received by a wide array of students, including a number of soldiers from nearby Fort Riley.


“I was really pleased with how many people came out to the event” said Elizabeth Francis, president of KSU’s YAL chapter. “The drone model drew a crowd who then stayed to play Pin the Drone on the War Zone and speak with YAL members about the convention.”

Francis said members handed out over 60 flyers promoting the April 20th Kansas YAL convention and spoke with over ninety people.

The drone was especially popular. “Quite a few people wanted pictures of themselves with the drone” said Vice President Ian Unruh.

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