Drug Use Up

In a recent government report, illegal drug use is up 9% from last year. It seems that the $30 billion spent between federal and state law enforcement in attempting to keep drugs off the streets is like most governmnet programs — just another money hole. The steepest climbs came in the use of ecstacy (37%) and methamphetmine(60%). Marijuana use rose only 8%, but of course the “survey does not distinguish between medicinal and non-medicinal marijuana use.”

Keep up the good work guys!  I see that all your campaigns, laws, and destruction of life, liberty, and property have really helped promote morality and stop drug use. Keep on smashing doors and shooting nonviolent, noncriminal people for using drugs.

The one thing I find to be rather funny is that even the government can’t cook the numbers in their own report to show any hope of their programs actually working.

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