Drug War Death Tally

As usual the drug war has lead to the death on innocent people for nothing more than a little bit of dried plant or chemical crystal, and in some cases, for nothing. Of course the morality police of America, the DEA, keep racking up the death count of this failed decades old policy of no-knock warrants and quasi-military raids on otherwise peaceful people.

To show the brutality of our current system, the people at StoptheDrugWar.org are asking for anyone who sees a story about a person killed as the result of the drug war to contact them with the information. The goal is to chronicle every death in 2011 that is a direct result of the prohibition and control of drugs. As shown in the stories I linked to, that can include those who are killed in drug-related robbery or gang violence and is not limited to illegal drugs.  Accord to the site:

This year, Drug War Chronicle is going to try to track every death directly attributable to drug law enforcement during the year. We can use your help. If you come across a news account of a killing related to drug law enforcement, please send us an email at psmith@drcnet.org.

So if you come across a story that fits this requirement, send it their way!  Let’s put some faces on the violence.

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