DSU YAL Recruitment Drive and Operation Politically Homeless

Signing Up

Today we held our very first YAL Recruitment Drive on Delaware State University’s campus! The reception was great; many people approached us and were interested in the message that we had to offer.

Libertarianism in a nutshell

We offered a free political quiz to anyone who approached or we approached ourselves, provided to us by Advocates for Self Government. Many were surprised by their results, while few weren’t. Some asked us what libertarianism was or what statism was. Only two fell into the category of “statist,” but ironically they seemed the most enthusiastic about attending our next meeting, along with the several who scored libertarian. Many who had thought they were liberal came to find otherwise.

poltical quiz

We also had some added help from two representatives from the Leadership Institute who traveled here all the way from Virginia to help with this event. Gabriella Hoffman and Thomas Turner were very helpful in getting others interested and provided very productive discussion to the event. We hope to work even more with them in the future!

Group Photo

LI Represent

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