Duke YAL In The Last Weeks

Duke YAL had a strong presence at the annual campus activity fair, with the entire exec board taking rounds from 2pm to 6pm to greet the incoming class of 2021 and proudly present ourselves as the voice for liberty and constitutionalism on campus. Reassuringly, we received an unprecedented amount of interest, gathering nearly 70 signatures from the single afternoon of tabling, as many students walked passed the neighboring College Republic table, opting for more freedom and less government.
















Duke YAL hosted Jonathon Dunne from TheBlaze Radio, who spoke at length about the superiority of the free market over other systems, and America’s unfortunate drift from that ideal over the past century. He had scathing commentary on the current political and fiscal climate of our country and its politicians, who seem to prefer “growing less” than actually reducing the size of government, preferring centrally planned and inflated economic statistics like those of China versus the natural growth of a free economy. Mr. Dunne also told us the unfortunate story of his being denied American citizenship, yet nevertheless deciding to dedicate his life to traveling the country and preaching American exceptionalism. His commitment to our ideals, as a foreigner living under a socialist system, is a testament to the fact that the fortunate citizens of our country should not take our founding principles for granted. In his closing remarks, Mr. Dunne noted that the return to our laissez-faire roots cannot be commenced until we shift the Overton window away from the publicity accepted demonization of economic incentive and the profit motive. Duke YAL is grateful to Mr. Dunne and TheBlaze for spreading the ideals of Liberty across the country, and making Duke one of their destinations.













Duke YAL would like the welcome the incoming class of 2021 and all new members as well as those who demonstrated interest in free speech, limited government, and constitutionalism on campus and in our country. We had a productive first GBM meeting and the executive board had the opportunity to meet and greet interested participants and discuss this year’s agenda for YAL.


There was great interest in leadership and the spreading libertarian ideals on Duke’s campus. After much deliberation on the very talented and motivated pool of applicants, Duke YAL would like to congratulate the newest members of the club:



Freshman Representatives

Dhruv Dadhania, Austin Camp,

Alex Dodenhoff, Robert Paul,

Victor Chu, Geoff Gaugler


Graduate Student representative

Jack Gillespie


Recruitment and Deputy Recruitment Chairs

Lizzie Bond & Caleb Rummel



We look forward to a very productive year.

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