Duquesne Celebrates Free Speech on Campus

On April 13th, the Duquesne University Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty celebrated Freedom Day in style. Our chapter hosted two events to promote the importance of free speech on college campuses. Both events were wildly successful!
Students at Duquesne gather around the YAL Chapter's Free Speech Ball.
We began in the morning by tabling at one of the busiest spots on campus. In addition to handing out pocket constitutions, books, and other materials, we had students write whatever they wanted on our gigantic “Free Speech Ball”. The ball was a huge hit and generated a ton of buzz on campus from students and faculty alike. Everyone was excited to exercise their 1st Amendment rights, and students in particular were glad that we were fighting for the protection of their constitutional rights on campus. Hundreds of students wrote messages on our ball, and over 40 people signed up to get more information about our club.
Later in the evening, we hosted a movie screening of “Can We Take A Joke?”. The screening was a hit, as students were excited to see the film before it theatres this summer. After the movie concluded, we discussed the content of the film and what students can do to fight for free speech at Duquesne. Overall, it was a fantastic day for the Duquesne Chapter and for the Liberty Movement.    
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