Duquesne YAL Kicks Off Fall 2016 Semester

The Duquesne Young Americans for Liberty chapter kicked off the Fall 2016 semester by tabling at the Student Expo. Over 200 student organizations participated in the expo, and the competition was fierce. Despite this, Duquesne YAL was extraordinarily successful. We obtained over 40 signups of students (and even some faculty) who were genuinely interested in helping us spread the ideas of liberty in Pittsburgh.

Of all the political groups who participated in the expo, YAL garnered the most interest, which is an extremely exciting development for the club. We gave out pocket constitutions, books, posters and pamphlets to help engage students and allow them to understand what YAL stands for.

In addition, the club was also able to successfully collaborate with the Young Democrats, College Republicans, and the local talk radio station to schedule a live on-air debate this October.

Overall, the Student Expo was a tremendous success for Duquesne YAL, and the perfect way to start the new school year.

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