DVC YAL Occupies the Library; Student Government Votes on GPA Redistribution


The greedy 4.0ers on our campus are hogging up all of the GPA. While they advance to prestigious universities, the students with lower GPAs are not offered the same opportunities. Wouldn’t it be fair, in the name of justice and equality, to level the playing field and increase the GPAs of lower ranking students by providing them with the GPA points of the greedy upper class of students? 

That’s the sort of satirical argument Diablo Valley College YAL made at our recent “Occupy the Honor Roll” activism event.  In all honesty, making the strong weaker does not make the weak stronger. And making the rich poorer does not make the poor richer.  Margaret Thatcher famously declared that those who favor income redistribution “would rather have the poor poorer, provided that the rich were less rich” — and we as Young Americans for Liberty believe in equal opportunity and fairness through free markets, which we know will promote equality and increase the standard of living for the poorest sectors of a population.

To supplement our project  to educate the student body at our campus, DVC YAL employed the Leadership Institute’s advice on sign-making and Campus Reform’s tools to implement GPA Redistribution. In fact, we had the student government on our campus vote on GPA Redistribution (more about this later.)

On April 18, DVC YAL collected a couple of pages worth of petition signatures and student contact information to support GPA Redistribution, causing a stir on campus among the many statist students. A lot of students thought we were serious and not only signed our petition but also emailed us with support for this “movement.” Some students were looking forward to an increase in GPA. One student emailed us and declared that this could “improve the economy” by creating more opportunities for those students with disadvantaged GPAs to attend institutions of higher education.  As we’d sarcastically claimed, maybe all that is wrong with our economy is GPA inequality, with the gap between the 4.0ers and the 89%ers constantly increasing?

Thanks to the Leadership Institute and Campus Reform, we had many tools to educate our “fellow” statists, such as copies of Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt. We provided these to students who showed the highest level of economic confusion but were still willing to expand their horizons and discover the truth.

At 2 p.m., members of DVC YAL gathered outside of the library and occupied it. We had a very successful turn out, and as previously stated, people were seriously supporting our cause.  The following week, we managed to have GPA Redistribution on the student government’s agenda. Unfortunately, the student government did not want to vote on it and instead of voting on the proposal decided to vote to cancel the vote. The Vice-President of the Student Government called our proposal “stupid.” Hopefully you can hear in the video below. DVC YAL informed the student government the importance of maintaining a level of professionalism and not referring to any proposal as “stupid.” What happened to political correctness? The vote never happened but our point was well made. GPA Redistribution is a stupid policy just like income redistribution is and for the same reasons.


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