Dylan Ratigan Tells it Like it is

If you were looking for one of the harshest criticisms of Washington and the current administration, MSNBC probably wouldn’t be your first choice. Yet, on his mid-afternoon show, Dylan Ratigan, in a discussion over the recent debt downgrade and the political gridlock, issued a complete and utter rebuke of the political system itself.

In a rant that has since gone viral, Mr. Ratigan, one of the more pragmatic voices on an otherwise left-leaning network, slammed the recent debt negotiations as “irresponsible, reckless, and stupid,” and who could disagree with that? He mentioned that over the next ten years, Congress will have a mind-boggling $70 trillion in unfunded obligations (entitlements and mandatory spending) that will have to be addressed, and every plan that was working its way through Congress wouldn’t have even come close to fixing the mess. 

Why was Congress so unwilling to reform the system? Well, according to Mr. Ratigan, Congress has been “bought” by special interests, and the only way out of the mess we’re in is to “get the money out of Congress,” which probably means corporate donors in bed with government regulators as well as the army of lobbyists on K Street. His rant definitely ruffled a few feathers, but it was an accurate description of the gridlock and state of our government right now. Whether or not that is likely to change in our lifetimes is unknown, but at least there are people that are raising awareness of the back-room deals that have for too long become a staple of negotiations and legislation.

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