Earn media for your Constitution Week event!

You’ve done all the preparation and planning. Your event is ready to go. You’re about to host your school’s most amazing Constitution Week event ever.

Now, it’s time to make sure the world knows about it!

For Constitution Week, a lot of the media coverage is at the local, rather than the national, level. So make sure your local and campus media know about your event.

Here are seven steps that you can take right now to earn media for your Constitution Week event:

  1. Compile a list of local media contacts. If you email me at press@yaliberty.org (and you are a YAL member), I can send you a list of media contacts that are in your region. However, I would also encourage you to compile your own list of local and campus media contacts. This list should include their outlet, name, email, and phone number. Use Microsoft Excel or a Google spreadsheet for this.
  2. Write a press release. If you have have a Mailchimp, iContact, or other mass email account (which you should), you can use it to send out a press release. You can even copy YAL National’s press release from earlier today, which you can see at this link.

    If you copy the national release, be sure to update it with the specific information about your chapter’s event(s). If you decide to write your own release from scratch, then be sure to first take a look at our how-to guide here.

  3. Send your press release via email. Using your email client of choice, send your press release to your local media contacts. If you get auto-responses with updated contact info, resend to the updated email addresses. You might also consider sharing your press release via social media.

  4. Follow-up with a phone call. Go through your media list and call all of your local and campus media contacts. Tell them you sent a press release, and now you’re following up to tell them more about your event. Explain to them how young people are turning towards limited government as a solution to our nation’s problems, and Constitution Week is a prime example of this. Make sure you mention that this is part of a larger event happening at over 200 college campuses around the country.
  5. Take a TON of pictures at your event. Even if some press do not show up to the event, you will want to be able to show them afterwards what a huge success it was.
  6. Follow-up after the event. Write and send a post-event press release, and follow up again with phone calls. Make sure you include lots of the awesome pictures that you took at your event. Your media contacts might report on the event after it happened, or it might plant the seed in their mind that your group is legit.

In addition to these seven basic steps, you can also view our more in-depth media guide for any future events. And as always, feel free to contact me at press@yaliberty.org or shoot an email to your regional director with any questions.

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