Earth First! Gets Some New Buddies


Many have called environmentalism a “new religion” for activists. It seems that everywhere you go today you are bombarded by slogans about “going green.” Even major corporations have jumped on the bandwagon of environmental friendliness. So when I came across this gem I couldn’t help but chuckle.

It seems that now even military contractors are trying to become more eco-friendly. According to the article defense establishment companies such as MBDA Missile Systems and BAE Systems have now made it part of their corporate plan to try to produce more “green” munitions. MBDA has joined the “10:10” Campaign, a group based in the UK whose goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 10% by 2010. When asked about why they allowed a company who creates weapons of mass destruction to be added to the roster of 10:10 campaigns they stated that it was important for MBDA to “reduce their emissions by 10 per cent… What they do with the rest of their time is a different matter, on which we couldn’t possibly comment.”

The Pentagon is even trying to go green. They are reportedly working on a new alloy based bullet to replace the lead that they fear can contaminate water supplies. According to a spokesman they want a bullet “that can kill you or that you can shoot a target with, [but] which is not an environmental hazard.” BAE is also developing a new type of explosive that “can be turned into compost once they have been used.”

It seems to me that this is kinda missing the point of sustainability. Last I knew, war was one of the most harmful practices that affects the environment — just ask the Iraqis suffering from depleted uranium exposure or the jungles of Vietnam. But maybe they are on to something — I mean, the best way to ensure that humans cannot destroy the environment is to destroy humanity first. Isn’t it?

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