East Carolina Showing Great Support for Conservative and Libertarian Views

We are having great success and looking forward to the semester here at East Carolina University. We wanted to take a moment to write about our school’s support for our cause and support to allow conservative and libertarian views a chance to be properly represented on campus.

First, there was a Student Presidential Debate on campus on September 20th, where College Republicans and College Democrats represented Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Two members of our YAL chapter, who identify as Libertarians, reached out as individuals wishing to participate as representatives for Gary Johnson. Of course, the chapter can not endorse candidates, our members feel strongly about their candidate and wished to represent them on their own accord.

East Carolina University’s Political Science department was very receptive and helpful in allowing a Libertarian panel to represent the views of Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign during the student debates that evening.

ECU (East Carolina University) Political Science department is also willing to help our YAL chapter put together a sponsored Anti-Establishment night. In this event, we look to hopefully invite student groups from all over the political spectrum to discuss their opinions, rather than the same old Republican vs Democrat discussions. This will give students an opportunity to hear different view points, including the ideas of liberty that all of us at YAL believe in so dearly.

After a meeting with one of our Associate Vice Chancellors, our college is also prepared to host a conservative speaker on campus, acknowledging the fact that liberal speakers tend to dominate the college world. ECU is willing to help fund several thousand dollars to help bring in an exciting conservative speaker for students to hear on campus.

The Anti-Establishment Night and Conservative speaker events are all in very early planning phases. More details will come and our success at these events will be shared. However, we here at ECU wanted to take the time to share our progress and the support our school has shown us. Hopefully this will serve as inspiration and as a model for all of our colleges to follow.

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