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East Central University’s YAL chapter held our first public event September 16, and it was a huge success!  ECU’s YAL chapter built a Free Speech Wall for Constitution Week and also used Operation Politically Homeless. Our chapter handed out over 200 copies of the Constitution, signed up 35 new members, completed 37 World’s Smallest Political Quizzes, and had more than 250 responses.  


Our Free Speech Wall on display for four days (cut short due to weather) and asked different questions “If you could say anything to your politician, what would you say?”, “What does the Constitution mean to you?”, “How would you change government?” and “What do you think about the NSA?, Secret Courts? $ for Tech Companies?”



Some students were surprised by the responses or criticized the lack of censorship, but we had full support from our university to leave the wall up. A large majority of the students we’re excited about the wall and returned every day, even when they didn’t want to write anything.  This was a huge draw for our group, and dwarfed recruiting efforts from the Young Democrats and College Republicans. 


Students were also impressed with the World’s Smallest Quiz. Students who thought they were either conservative or liberal were shocked that they actually shared quite a few similarities with libertarians. This was an excellent recruitment tool, and showed students how we differ from other groups on campus.  

We also played this TED Talk at our first meeting. It helped illustrate the problems with political parties and hyperpartisanship.  

University staff and faculty has been a huge help and we’ve received a warm welcome from the student body.  We look forward to hosting future events at ECU.

For more pictures of our wall, check us out on Facebook.  



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