Eastern Illinois University – Promoting Free Speech

Just last week, a visit was made to EIU by state chair Darren Buchanan. I invited Darren to campus to help me promote free speech. We chose the fun activity of having a free speech ball, and rolling it around the quad. The ball drew in lots of attention and helped us find around 100 people who agreed that free speech is important on campus. If anyone has been thinking of doing a free speech ball on their own campus, but has yet to do so, I highly encourage it. Not only do you get to enjoy promoting free speech and our individual rights, but you get to have fun with a giant beach ball at the same time.

Through this exercise, Darren and I were also able to meet up with two people that self-identified as libertarians. This was a big step in the right direction for a chapter that is still forming. One of the guys had actually been a part of a YAL chapter at another campus before transferring. I hope that he will want to continue to be a part of YAL and help facilitate the growth of the EIU chapter.


The next step for my chapter is to get to work scheduling a meeting and becoming recognized on campus. I think Darren and I’s efforts last week helped get the word out about liberty at EIU. I cannot wait to hold my next recruiting event and educate more people about the principles of liberty.

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