Eastern Illinois University Recruitment drive and meeting


About two weeks ago Eastern Illinois University enjoyed a visit from Matt Berra and Alex Witoslawski, YAL state chairs. In just a few short hours they were able to conduct a recruitment drive that garnered thirty new contacts of students interested in establishing and joining a YAL chapter at EIU. After a short meeting with the president of EIU’s YAL chapter, it was decided that we needed to hold our first chapter meeting before the end of the semester.

We decided to hold it four days later at the Union coffee shop. While a few of the new student contacts had said they would make the meeting, we did not have any show up. However just simply hanging out in the coffee shop with a Gadsden flag peeked the interest of many passers by. One student military veteran even stopped by to ask what we were up to and to compliment us on the flag. While it would have been great to have all thirty new student contacts show up for the meeting, we still see it as a success because even in a small way, we were still planting the seeds of liberty and freedom. This has given us the motivation to hit the ground running for the spring semester and help get this new YAL chapter off the ground.

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