Eastern Kentucky University Constitution Week 2014

Last week, Young Americans for Liberty at Eastern Kentucky University had it’s most successful event to date! We have already doubled our meeting attendance and have spread the voice of liberty to over 2,000 students on campus. How did we do this? We started strategizing for Constitution Week at the National Convention, where our five leadership team members planned a project of epic proportions.

Our goal: to hand out over 2,000 pocket Constitutions on campus! Meanwhile, we would table and hold a Free Speech Wall at our campus’s biggest event of the semester, known as City Fest.

We knew that this would be a huge task, so we began to plan.


The biggest part of the project was the question of how could we get enough Constitutions. We decided to reached out to YAL’s partner organizationsWith their support and with the supplies sent by YAL National, we collected our 2,000 Constitutions!


With the largest task out of the way, we began the planning for our Free Speech Wall. Our Vice President created a press release and sent it to all local media groups, while our President began building our Free Speech Wall.

Our members printed out flyers and placed one in each Constitution to advertise our next meeting.

Constitution Flyer

We also utilized social media to get the word out!

Social Media

Constitution Week finally arrived, and months of planning turned into action! We began handing out Constitutions in classrooms, at school programs, and even in the Student Government Senate.


On Thursday, City Fest arrived, and we set up the wall at noon!

City Fest


Our wall became such a big hit at City Fest that the school paper came and took photos!


The wall was so popular that we received nearly 250 sign-ups! We also handed out every single Constitution.


To end out the week, we held our interest meeting featuring a Bill of Rights lecture given by Dr. Bennet from the school’s Department of Government. We had a large turnout to say the least.


Our Constitution Week has already helped our club grow in number, and we look forward to spreading liberty on campus throughout the rest of the year!

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