Eastern Washington University Dominates as the only Political Group on Campus

With this presidential election year no doubt being one of the most surprising, there was no short of surprises at our club’s fair this year to find out that amongst our 250 Clubs/Sponsors on campus, YAL happened to be the only political club. It was brought to my attention that both CD and CR dropped the ball this year and seemed to go MIA come registration time. This seemed to attract a wide range in the demographics of people interested in getting involved in politics, and they are looking at us as a gateway to get involved.

Of course college students are looking for advice and direction durring this unique election season, and Operation Politically Homeless was just what many students were looking for! Eastern Washington University is somewhat of an odd campus, and we have a very high demographic of students coming from conservative families. For the second year in a row the Worlds Shortest Political Quiz has proven this to be true. We even had a surprising amount of teachers coming by the booth to pick up a copy of Ayn Rand’s Sampler book.


We had a great turn out, and even got a few text messages back from people that day who thanked me for chatting with them and giving them a different perspective. Total we had 67 full signups, and about 15 responses already from students asking me when our first meeting is. We have had staff confront us about helping with voter registration, and a political science teacher ask about hosting debate parties. The response from students and staff on campus was incredibly and overwhelmingly positive.


I couldn’t have asked for a better day of recruitment, and the EWU team is reenergized for the new year. We had students taking pictures of our booth, some coming by and explaining they were looking for us, and some just saw the word “Liberty” and ran over. We are making a real difference here on campus, and the best piece of recruitment advice I have is that sometimes don’t worry about the numbers you have on your sheet. Getting the chance to talk to students and answer questions can do far more than a name on a sheet. Being able to have a civil and meaningful conversation with bring people back to talk to you, and associate YAL with positive reenforcement. Stay educated, read the books you put on your table, and be prepared for those who want to talk. Get their number personally and take them out to coffee. Liberty begins with a community, and YAL helps that community thrive.

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