Eastern WV Community and Technical College — our first event!

Our new chapter had one goal for Constitution Week: Make an impact.

We are a brand new chapter at a school of fewer than 800 students, with fewer than 400 on campus. So we wanted to do something that would get our chapter noticed for Constitution Week, and we did!

On Constitution Day, we held our “Be a Founder” event letting students sign our giant US Constitution.  Our school also held its own event, a Constitution Bowl, on the same day.  They let us set up outside of that event and distribute our mini Constitutions. In the hours leading up to the event, countless students stopped by specifically just to brush up on their knowledge of the Constitution. When it finally came time for the event, we fielded at team under our chapter name, and WON!  So we got free publicity on the school website and Facebook, recognizing us for our victory!

Our team outside the booth

Good luck in everyone on their future projects!

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