Economic Armageddon…Part One

Who controls money controls the World”-Henry Kissinger, CFR speech

The Federal Reserve cartel and the current U.S. Treasury Secretary (a member of the neoconservative Bush cartel) appear to have everything they’ve yearned for. They have unlimited power, broad support and influence, a rabid following more evocative of a psychotic mind warping elitist money sucking cult, complete secrecy, and no accountability whatsoever; not even to our Congress. With the shady power vested in Bernanke and Paulson, a crooked pair of turncoat financial terrorists, it’s relatively easy to see how they were able to steamroll over the will of the American people and continue once again their insidious cyclical bailout programs. In a pure display of their adulterated power, the FED chose to unveil its rapacious authority by trumping the Senate’s previous no vote in order to bailout the big three automotive companies anyway; in spite of the righteous indignation that’s sure to be voiced in the Senate. Unless of course; the Senate is comprised of cowardly, thumb sucking pansies.

To top matters off, the ‘Canadian born’ Democratic Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, opened her mouth spewing rhetoric all too familiar with the neoconservative, warmongering Bush administration (i.e. you’re either with us, or against us) when she said, “It is unacceptable for this, un-American, frankly, behavior of these U.S. senators to cause this country to go from a recession into a depression.” In other words, if you didn’t vote in favor of the big three automotive bailout; you’re un-American (i.e. not an American, un-patriotic).

Big 3 Bailed out
Big 3 Bailed out

First of all, it’s not un-American to not want to bailout every Tom, Dick, and Harry company that just so happens to not know how to run their business; and it’s not unpatriotic to want our soldiers back home from harm’s way who just so happen to be stuck in a corporate sponsored war that’s based on bull-dung. The real reason we went into Iraq is probably because former Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein stopped taking American dollars for oil and instead, wanted his oil purchased in Euro’s.

Secondly, this is America lady, and in America you don’t have to support taking money from the poor to fatten the wallet’s of pitiable management or employee’s earning $73 (hourly wage combined with a luxurious benefits package) to still be an American. Zachary Hamed, my colleague at Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) responded to Governor Granholm’s specious remarks by writing, “This tendency to call opposing viewpoints, especially dissenting opinions, un-American or un-patriotic is dangerous and counters the very basis of our society. Americans need to learn to question their government and listen to other opinions rather than label all those who disagree un-patriotic terrorists.” I seriously doubt Governor Granholm will catch any one of the big 3 CEO’s eating out of expired cans of cold pork and beans with their fingers partially gloved and living inside a card-board box anytime soon; even if they do decide to work for only a buck a year. However, as a firm believer in the U.S. Constitution that includes free speech, she can have her say even if she’s not a natural born American; just don’t expect every one outside of Detroit to like it.

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