Economic Armageddon…Part Two

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(FYIthis quote is part of a letter called “Why We Can’t Wait”, and written in 1963 by Dr. King while he was in a jail cell in Birmingham, AL)

In part one of Economic Armageddon, we learned that the greatest threat to America’s national security is the Federal Reserve cartel. Nothing has changed since part one was written. The FED continues to remain public enemy number one and the greatest threat to our freedoms and our nation’s financial success. As long as the FED is permitted to control and manipulate our economy, they’ll continue to hold our economic future and our national sovereignty in the palms of their hands. In addition, we, as a sovereign nation, can no longer afford to be manipulated by a privately owned, secret financial kingpin. Therefore, we must, as a brave nation, break free from the yoke of financial slavery that continues to enslave us and the FED’s determination to control our providence. Our destiny, and the destiny of our country, and the future of our children, should not be proscribed or confiscated by the demented minds of the vile money changers or their Manchurian cohorts.

First Central Bank
First Central Bank

If we are to be free, totally free and independent as defined by Congressman Ron Paul (Rep.-TX) and our forefathers, we must act as one to ensure that Congress repeals the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System Act of 1913. We must be brave and impervious, not accepting no as an answer from ‘our’ politicians. The roar of our unified voice must be thunderous; louder than the shot heard around the world if we are to be triumphant.

Previous attempts to oust the Federal Reserve cartel or Central Banks were met with fierce opposition from the money changers and their Armies. Some historians believe that the Central Bankers actually started wars to remain the secret government (or powers behind it) in America or cause our country to go to war to create debt so that we would look favorably on central banks once again. For example, in 1811, the Central Bank charter expired (was allowed to lapse) and as a result of this lapse, Great Britain attacked America. They even had the audacity to attempt to persuade the New England states to leave the union. By 1816, America once again had a new, Second Central Bank. In 1832, President Andrew Jackson, who despised the money changers and frequently spoke harshly against the FED vetoed the charter of the Second Central Bank. Twenty-eight years later the Civil War started and the money changers had already convinced several states to leave the union. Unfortunately, in an effort to paint a positive light upon the Federal Reserve (or Central Banks as they were called pre 1913), this type of information has been systematically purged from textbooks (i.e. school curriculum); especially over the last thirty or so years.

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