Economic Censorship: Evan Berwick at Ithaca College

It’s pretty easy to become a convicted felon nowadays. It could happen to any dentist who whitens a patient’s teeth without the proper license. Or to any veterinarian who recommends a particular medicine without first visiting the animal. Ithaca College YAL members and guests were appalled but thankful Evan Berwick had made them cognizant of such laws.

Bernick 2
Berwick, Director of Judicial Engagement at the Institute for Justice, spoke to a small crowd at the final event for Ithaca College Young Americans for Liberty’s Inaugural Freedom Week. The attorney argued these laws prove the government operates antithetically to the free market by enforcing economic censorship. 

“Censorship,” he contended, “is protectionism for the marketplace of ideas.”

Students eagerly listen to Evan Bernick
Berwick prefaced his talk with a historical overview of censorship philosophy, then dug into modern-day examples. During the Q&A session, he distinguished judicial engagement versus judicial activism, and offered his perspective on trigger warnings and campaign finance as they pertained to free speech.
This was the third Virtual Liberty Speaker Ithaca College YAL hosted this academic year. All three events have recruited new members to our chapter, and have received positive reception from both students and faculty. We thank Mr. Berwick for bringing the economic liberty perspective to Ithaca College.
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