Economics 101 at the University of West Florida

On Wednesday, February 27th, Young Americans for Liberty at the University of West Florida held our Economics 101 follow-up event, “The Economy and You: A Free Discussion of the Free Market.”

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The event featured two premier local political activists and speakers, Mike Hill of the Northwest Florida Tea Party and many other organizations, and Tim Frye, owner of Roberts and Roberts brokerage, sponsor of Porc Fest 2013, and longtime free-market economics activist.


We had reserved a room that had a capacity of 40 and would comfortably hold about half that, yet a few minutes before the event, we started to become nervous. Only about five people plus our speakers were in attendance. Would this event prove the idea right that young people don’t care about economics, particularly of the free-market type?


However, right at the event start time — doing no good for our blood pressures — the room filled up, leaving us almost out of chairs and having to rearrange the room to fit everyone comfortably… always the best problem to have!

Although we had planned to use Rags or Riches at this event and offer door prizes, we ran out of time and actually had to cut off student discussion and interactions with the speakers in order to leave on time. Throughout the entire event, every student stayed actively engaged in the discussion of the economy.


We plan to hold our next meeting soon and carry on throughout the rest of the semester from the momentum off of this great event! Special thanks to the Leadership Institute for providing extra assistance, and of course to YAL for providing the resources and plan necessary to do such an excellent outreach.

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