ECU Constitution Day Event

The East Carolina University YAL enthusiastically celebrated this year’s Constitution Day.  The group exchanged cookies, cup-cakes in return for trivia knowledge of the constitution.  Once a student gave a piece of information about the constitution (name a right, answer a question about the articles, etc) they received a baked item and a Constitution.  Some students wanted to stay and chat about the direction of our nation, others entered into a raffle to win a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.  

We also featured a large depiction of the Constitution, but instead of having the original words, this Constitution featured many of the violations of the Constitution that persist today.  These engaged students into debate and discussions about the founding values and their importance in today’s society.

The group also received praise from the SGA and History department for being the only politically minded organization to do an event along side them.

Below are pictures from the event:

The Constitution Gangsters

The gang gathering together!  Featured from left to right are Treasurer Rachel Pickens, Secretary Cindy Strickland, Events Coordinator David Price, Member (in back) Chris Thomas, and on the right President Matthew Blackmon.

Matt enticing converts

Matt Entices Students with a Constitution

Students interested in Liberty!

Matt pitching his schemes to prospective freedom fighters.

Overall, Constitution Day was a great success.  Students were enthusiastic about receive Constitutions and many remarked that YAL’s were of a “lasting quality” when compared to the pocket Constitutions from the SGA.

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