Ed Morrissey: Blogger of the Year?

Rush Limbaugh announced that CPAC has chosen its blogger of the year and it’s…. Ed Morrissey? Why does Rush think Ed is a good choice? Apperently Ed has stunning analysis of the news. Well, let’s see how Ed has analyzed Ron Paul. After the first primary debate, Ed wrote:

Ron Paul also showed that he should depart the race as quickly as possible. He gave one-note answers about federalism and the original intent of the founders for every question asked of him. He looked outraged all night long, but he put the rest of us to sleep.

Right, because the founders are irrelevent and Dr. Paul never got any grassroots support — everyone was too sleepy.  And who did Morrissey think won the debate? Mitt Romney! Boy, he just excited the crowds didn’t he, Ed?

Let’s look at another example.  After a great Ron Paul fundraiser, Ed wrote:

Beyond Paul and his flaws, the Republicans had better start paying attention to these voters. Like it or not, they represent a passion that seems to have left the GOP in recent months, and even if they skew young and may not vote as promised this cycle, they will eventually. Rather than continue to write them off, Republicans have to find a way to address them outside of conspiracy theories and allusions to blowing up buildings.

Really? Conspiracy theories?  Ron Paul’s movement is not focused on conspiracy theories, but addresses concerns about the economy and our aggressive foreign policy which most of the Republican Party simply ignores.

Who do you guys think is the real blogger of the year? Can we nominate Bonnie?

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