Egalitarianism: Ruining College for Everyone

American universities are typically criticized for their absurdly high tuition rates.  With the cost of higher education rapidly appreciating, we tend to overlook the less salient depreciation of its quality.

Over the past few decades, academia has fully embraced egalitarianism. That egalitarianism pressures students into college courses they have no interest or aptitude in, while watering down the experience for others. Our political leaders are equally bad, arguing “everyone should go to college.” This ostensibly compassionate attitude burdens otherwise productive people with a college experience they’re unsuited for. It fosters unrealistic expectations and unnecessary stress.

Egalitarianism in education (as in all other realms) is a story of unintended consequences, saddling its “benefactors” with a mountain of debt and a relatively useless degree.

For more on this important topic, check out Charles Murray’s 2009 lecture on Education Myths, delivered at the Cato Institute:

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