EKU YAL at Michelle Obama Speech

Wes Eklund of UK YAL passing out event "programs"

Eastern Kentucky University’s YAL chapter was revved up for Michelle Obama to guest speak at our EKU graduation.  Everyone was really looking forward to passing out brochures pointing out the administration’s continuation of Bush-era foreign policies, failed economic policies, and how student tuition will be going up next year.  EKU YAL worked in collaboration UK YAL chapter members in distributing 1,100 or so of these brochures to EKU graduates and their families — roughly 6,200 people as they waited to enter the site of the graduation speech.

Graduates reading our programs

EKU YAL and YAL UK members worked togethor to spread the message of liberty

We had some minor incidents with officials, but eventually got permission to pass out the pamphlets. Initially, people would ask for these flyers but they quickly realized this wasn’t your everyday program. There were some people who did not want to listen to what we were trying to say, however, there were some positive responses to our actions as well. We were lucky enough to get an interview with one attendee who was extremely appreciative of what we were doing. 

At the end of the day, we were all really happy about how the event ended up playing out  and ready for the beginning of the next year’s semester to further spread the message of YAL!

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