EKU YAL fight to end the Drug War and the War On YOUth

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As part of the War On Youth project, Young Americans for Liberty at Eastern Kentucky University tabled for four consecutive days!  The “Pong Off Your Debt” game proved to be an excellent recruitment tool.  We were able to interact with countless students and collect over 200 new sign-ups!


We also used this opportunity to promote for our “Drug War on Liberty” event. We chalked key locations on campus and distributed flyers to hundreds of students.  We also worked it out with professors to make announcements about this event at the end of their lectures.




YAL Presentation

David Patterson

Howard Rahtz / LEAP

The event featured speakers from local and national groups, most notably Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. We had more than 40 students attend and the feedback we received was great. Several attendees expressed interest in getting involved with our chapter and working with us to end the War On YOUth!

Here are some additional pictures from our War On YOUth event. 

Tabling 1

Tabling 2


Recruitment Chair

Bear Pong

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