Elizabethtown College Chapter Has Great First Event Turnout

Wall and Table

New to Elizabethtown College campus this year is the Elizabethtown YAL chapter. While other clubs may sit quietly in the ivory tower, YAL came out and made an impact on Constitution Day, constructing a 4-foot by 8-foot free speech wall.

With some mixed reactions from students and administrators, the event turned out to be a tremendous success for our chapter and effectively branded our club as the voice of liberty on campus. With other political clubs on our campus largely inactive, our small campus was shocked by our provocative display of our first amendment rights. Luckily, the administration did not attempt to destroy our efforts, but we were monitored by those who weren’t exactly happy about what we were doing. Despite this, we even had a good number of professors and staff participate!

We asked the question “What don’t you like about government?” and let students go at it. After writing on the wall, we handed participants a pocket Constitution which included an insert for our follow up meeting two days later and our school’s free speech code. At the meeting, we hosted our club adviser and professor of a class about free speech on campus, Dr. Kelly-Woessner. She presented interesting information on free speech rights from a perspective of the free speech movement at UC Berkeley and answered many of the group’s questions. We saw some new faces at the meeting and are hopeful that it will result in some new, dedicated members. The wall is now hanging in our Political Science building next to our club board, where students continue to fill in every white space!

Note: We’ll be working on our video making skills before next time!



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