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My first, First Year Students Fair as president of our chapter went very well. Trying to revitalize our college’s chapter, we were looking forward to new members. I was worried that we would not receive much interest but we talked to many enthusiastic students who were intrigued by the club’s message. After 2 hours we had 18 people show interest and signup to our email list. I was very pleased with this, seeing as how our club only has 5 members currently. With how small our school is I only expected a few. people to sign up If even a third of these people remain as active members, our club will be in great shape for the future.

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Initially, the fair was scheduled to be outside but the rain and wind forced us into our gymnasium. We set up our table using the YAL activism kit and various other liberty props we had. Michael Scott proved to be incredibly effective at garnering attention. Never having seen The Office myself I was surprised how iconic the sign was. Every person that walked past and laughed at the Michael Scott poster or just met eyes with me I called over and began talking about our club. It was an overall successful club fair and I look forward to our future activism events with our new members.

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