Elizabethtown College Student Activities Fair

Last week Elizabethtown College YAL attended our school’s activities fair with high hopes for recruiting members to our newly-established chapter. The turnout was fair and overall the promotion of the club was great. In a school of under 2,000 students, we were happy to garner more than 20 sign-ups and to hand out over 150 copies of Why Liberty, which included the half sheets of our flyer along with bookmarks encompassing the first two months of our action plan and some of our plans for the future.

Etown YAL Table

Despite the wind, we had a table full of many resources and looked more professional than any of the other organizations and the entire event was flooded with students holding copies of Why Liberty.

Why Liberty

The promotion of our otherwise unknown chapter was our biggest take away and we hope this will bring in more members in the future as we establish the YAL brand and prepare for Constitution Week.

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