Elizabethtown YAL promotes community compassion

Elizabethtown YAL honored Dr. W. Wesley McDonald for the Choose Charity National Activism Project. He was an ally of our YAL chapter and an all around inspirational professor. Sadly, Dr. McDonald passed away after health complications at the beginning of the fall semester.

6 Standing on the right at a guest speaker event he co-hosted with YAL

Specializing in political philosophy, Dr. McDonald was always more than willing to provide advice, attend chapter events, join in discussions, and even recruit new members to the ideas of liberty. 


In honor of the idea of true charity, our YAL chapter wanted to reach out Dr. McDonald’s widow, Mrs. Alice Baumgart. We decided to assist her with a complete fall clean-up of her yard. This included raking and bagging leaves, as well as tying up other loose ends around the house.


Mrs. Baumgart was very appreciative and provided us with refreshments for our efforts. All in all, our chapter members enjoyed taking the time to help a neighbor in need. Society may push us to only think of ourselves, but there is room to show true compassion for those in our community. Cheers to all of you out there who are working to better our world!




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